Who We Are

Bespoke Investment Solutions

A regular question is, "where did the name come from?" The answer is simple. Justin Brownlee, the Managing Director is the proud father of two daughters, Eden and Carmen. If he were to have had a son, his name would have been Hugo Forbes. And like caring for his children, he will nurture, support and be transparent.


Hugo Forbes was “born” in 2014 to ensure you get the best advice on all your Financial Planning requirements. This could include improving your pension and retirement plans. Achieve better returns on your savings, investments and ISA's.  Ensuring you are correctly protected with the right level of insurances whether that's for you, your business, your wealth, your health or your home. Help navigate the mortgage minefield from residential, buy to let, equity release, re-mortgages to commercial ventures analysing if you have the best and most appropriate deal. To investigate tax efficiencies suitable to you and your business along with futureproofing yourself in relation to Inheritance Tax Planning.


When seeking specific financial advice, it is impossible for one "expert" to have all the answers. By using a Concierge Brokerage service and Consulting with Hugo Forbes, it takes the guesswork, the research and the time out of finding the right expert. 


Our collective wealth of experience has afforded us extensive knowledge of the financial sector and the broader financial planning industry. This allows us to fully understand your objectives and identify possible improvements. Our journey through the "Financial World" extending well over two decades, has meant we have had the pleasure of working with the very best of breed. In creating the Advisory Panel we have utilised our connections for your benefit, enabling successful delivery of your Financial Wellness Plan.



Justin Brownlee

"JB" has been involved in the financial services sector, dealing with investments and acquisitions throughout the UK, Europe and America since 1991. Having previously worked for large Financial Corporations helping structure effective planning for the creation and protection of personal wealth, he is delighted to have managed his own businesses since 2002 to provide his clients with that all-important personal touch.

Ellie Beattie

Ellie has a vast amount of experience in controlling diverse investment portfolios and management of accounts. She handles the entire life cycle of the client, liaising with regular report updates and reviewing the effectiveness of the Financial Wellness Plan.

Her eye for detail and relaxed yet diligent style means she is ideal to provide guidance to our clients for their accounts.