What We Do

Concierge Brokerage

Our free, comprehensive consultations will include the completion of a client profile so we can fully understand your needs and inspire discussion to assist in making you aware of areas where financial planning needs to be implemented or potentially improved. Following the consultation, a Financial Wellness Plan (FWP) will be presented, outlining areas requiring solutions or analysing suitability of existing plans. You will be introduced to the relevant experts from our Advisory Panel who’ll be tasked with supplying recommendations and advice to achieve the objectives set out within the Financial Wellness Plan (FWP). Hugo Forbes manage the objectives set out in the FWP in a trilateral communication with you and the relevant experts.

The five stages of the process are for us to clarify your vision, gather and analyse, form your Financial Wellness Plan, implementation of the agreed strategy and provide the ongoing concierge brokerage management. 

 1. Initial Consultation

Clarify Your Vision. The purpose of the consultation is to complete a Client Profile to set some goals. It could identify a need to improve your retirement planning, receive better returns on your ISA's, save money on your monthly mortgage payments or  making sure your loved ones are protected if you are not around. This is a holistic look at the entire spectrum of your Financial Planning, with a view of saving you time and money. 


2. Research

Based on the information detailed within the Client Profile it is now time to gather and analyse information. This could include a review of existing arrangements to ensure they meet your current and future requirements. It will also provide investigations to ensure your Inheritance Tax Planning is appropriate or looking at updating your Will.  Although, in our experience it often highlights a need to implement a plan in many areas which have not been identified previously.

3. Financial Wellness Plan

Formulating an effective strategy is key. We will discuss and agree upon the FWP, which will act as the blueprint of your planning requirements. Once we have understood and agreed upon your priorities we will engage the services of the Advisory Panel.

4. Bespoke Solution

Now it is time to look at implementing  your strategy by receiving the options, recommendations and advice from the relevant specialist from our Advisory Panel.

5. Concierge Brokerage

Regular evaluations and control is key to ensure your targets are maintained and the solutions are future proofed. As we know, circumstances can change and therefore the Financial Wellness Plan may need to be adjusted from time to time.  Therefore, annual reviews are provided free of charge. 

To be clear on Hugo Forbes role, it is important you know that we do not give the advice. This allows us to focus on the creation and implementation of the FWP, incorporating your objectives and goals. Our Advisory Panel have been very carefully selected third party operated advice firms, each with their own specialist subject, maintaining the appropriate qualifications and regulations and are Independent - providing you access to the entire market.