The not too small, small print

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The Not So Small, Small Print

The Property Loan Notes in "The Collection" are only suitable for High Net Worth clients.  To qualify, you will need to hold a minimum of £250,000.00 in NET assets, not including your main residence and any pensions. Our "guide" is to only expose 10%, to a maximum of 25% of NET assets to Property Loan Notes. We believe in diverse portfolios and these investments can aid to income and growth objectives subject to investors overall investment strategy.


The information provided is for information purposes only. The Delaru website and its contents are not and should not be deemed to be an offer of or invitation to engage in any investment activity and should not be construed as advice or a personal recommendation by Delaru to any prospective investor. Whilst Delaru aims to ensure the content of its website is accurate, the information presented is received from the Issuers of the Property Loan Notes or product providers. 


"The Collection" should be viewed as "High Risk" regardless of the security. This is because they are Property related. Property is Unregulated and investors will not have access to the FSCS. The FCA regard Property as "High Risk" because it is a non-readily realisable asset. In other words, cannot be converted to cash quickly. Therefore, it's value will be subject to the prevailing market conditions. The value of any investments can fluctuate and you may not get back the full amount you have invested. Do not invest unless you have carefully thought about whether you can afford to and whether it is right for you.