Refer a Friend


Refer a friend and receive a reward of £250

Make Your Money Work Harder

To say thank you - we will send you £250 each time you recommend a friend who invests via Hugo Forbes

  • Earn £250 reward for every friend who we can help improve their pension, investments or ISA’s

  • Receive the reward for each recommendation with no limit, so you can recommend as many friends and family as you like!

When seeking specific financial advice it is impossible for one "expert" to have all the answers. This is why Hugo Forbes have brought together a formidable team of experts and specialist, who we refer to, in just about every area of financial services to ensure you get the best advice, from the right adviser. 

By consulting with Hugo Forbes, you take the guesswork, the research and the time out of finding the right advice and guidance. We provide relevant information to enable you to reach an educated decision without the jargon or restricted options.

How to Refer Your Friend

Expert Guidance

How to Refer your Friend

Go to the "Get In Touch" page and please complete this with all the salient information.  Once complete simply press the "Send" and you're all set. Simple as that.

One of the Hugo Forbes team will contact your "Refer a Friend" within 48 hours and we'll look after the rest. We will also send you a note to confirm safe receipt of the much-appreciated referral. Ellie Beattie, our Portfolio Executive will inform you of all key stages including the expected date of payment of your reward as thanks. However, we will not be able to discuss or disclose the investments or advice provided to your "Refer a Friend" with you (as the Referrer) due to the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

Of course, if you have any questions please contact us directly.

The Terms & Conditions

The NOT so small, small print

The “Refer a Friend” reward is only available to a CLIENT of Hugo Forbes

  1. A CLIENT is qualified by a client who has invested via Hugo Forbes

  2. A "Refer a Friend" is qualified to include; acquaintance, friend, work colleague, family member

  3. The reward is a single payment of £250

  4. The reward is available only when a CLIENT "Refer a Friend" who then subsequently invests

  5. The reward is based on the "Refer a Friend", NOT how many investments they make

  6. The reward is paid within 30 days of the referred clients investment completing

  7. The "Refer a Friend" is not already a client of Hugo Forbes

  8. There is no limit to how many "Refer a Friend" a CLIENT can refer

  9. The "Refer a Friend" must be expecting Hugo Forbes to contact them

  10. The offer has no expiry date, but may be withdrawn at any time

  11. Existing Partners and Introducers do not qualify for the "Refer a Friend" reward

  12. Staff of Hugo Forbes do not qualify for this reward

  13. This is not a reason to invest and rewards will only be paid to the referrer

  14. All payments will be made by bank transfer

  15. No cash or cheques or alternatives will be issued