Investments & ISA's


There are many different permutations to increasing wealth through investments and many factors need to be considered. It is therefore crucial to get the best, and the right advice.

The advice provided will be bespoke to you and your objectives all covered by the FSCS. This will be based on your own attitude to risk. The portfolios will be diverse allowing for low-risk funds all the way up to an aggressive attitude and target double digit returns.

You may wish to ensure these investments are structured to be help reduce IHT or even within Trusts to benefit your family. You maybe looking to invest considerable sums and wishing to generate fixed returns as part of an overall strategy. We have a team of experts from Will & Trust writers, to specialist IFA's to provide the right advice for your circumstances.

The vast majority of investment strategies are based upon a minimum of 5 years. However, shorter terms can be structured to allow liquidity if needed. 



The ISA rates of returns available for Cash on the High Street will vary from 0.5% to 2.00% per annum depending on the terms. If you use your ISA's as a "rainy day" fund this is generally perceived to be the best place for you. They are liquid, meaning in most cases you can withdraw your money with little to no notice. The returns are tax free.


However, if you are looking for your money to grow, other ISA's, such as Stocks and Shares or Bonds could target greater returns. Stocks and Share ISA's will be bespoke to your risk rating and hold a combination of regulated investments which could include stocks, shares, equities, bonds, funds and cash. The advice will be provided by our Associate IFA's and will afford you access to the FSCS. A fee is payable.


Innovative Finance ISA's may also be suitable to your needs. The advantage of these type of ISA investments is they avoid volatility. However, they have a specific terms meaning access to the initial capital will not be available until the end of the term. Those looking for a 5 year strategy will be interested in this type of structure. 

A fixed rate ISA of 7% is currently available which is fixed for 5 years, exclusively via Hugo Forbes. Please get in contact to investigate if you believe this will meet your needs