Hugo Forbes provides a Concierge Brokerage service covering the entire spectrum of Financial Planning as non-advisory consultants

Welcome to Hugo Forbes

Nowadays, when seeking advice it is almost impossible to find one "expert" who has all the answers. To this end, Hugo Forbes was created in 2014 to provide you with access to the best of breed. Our Advisory Panel provide bespoke solutions to meet your own unique objectives relating to Pensions, Investments, ISA's, Insurances, Mortgages, Residential Property, Commercial Funding, Wills, Trusts and Inheritance Tax Planning.


Hugo Forbes free, comprehensive consultations inspire discussion to assist in making you aware of areas where financial planning needs to be implemented or potentially improved. The focus will be to create a holistic strategy presented in your Financial Wellness Plan. Hugo Forbes will continue to manage, navigate and liaise with the Advisory Panel to execute the solutions.

In a world of financial jargon, we will help throughout the lifetime of your Financial Wellness Plan via transparent and easy to understand communication, with a friendly and helpful approach.