The not too small, small print

a brief introduction

Delaru presents "The Collection", a range of investments offering fixed, annual returns between 7% and 12%.

"The Collection" will focus on Property Loan Notes.  A  Loan Note is a common financial instrument used by firms to raise capital. It is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties, allowing the Issuer to borrow money from investors, with an agreement to repay it with interest over a set period of time. What the money raised is used for varies but with property loan notes, it will often be used for activities such as acquiring land, securing planning permission and construction. 

The loan note will be  secured against the issuer's assets - which with a property loan note, will normally be the properties themselves. This means  that the investors, typically via the Security Trustee, holds a debenture over the issuer's assets. If at any point the issuer failed to make the agreed repayments, the assets would be sold off in order to repay investors. As investors hold a debenture they would be paid before any unsecured creditors, such as suppliers,  HMRC and contractors. 


"The Collection" provides access to investment opportunities normally the preserve of financial institutes, the extremely wealthy or the well-connected. The investments have been performing for a minimum of three years, others more than eight. The Issuers company, infrastructure and assets involved in each of the Property Loan Notes goes back many years, some exceeding two decades. This underpins the merits to invest in a Property Loan Note with a good track record already in place. 

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