Why We Do It

Created For You

If you had a problem with your heart, you would seek advice from a Doctor. More specifically you would wish to consult with a specialist in that field in the form of a Cardiologist. Ideally the "best of breed" of a heart specialist. It would be inappropriate to seek guidance from an Ophthalmologist, even though they hold a Doctorate.


Similarly, when seeking specific financial advice it is impossible for one "expert" to have all the answers. And because of this, each Professional Expert would not have a holistic overview of your combined objectives. Consulting with Hugo Forbes takes the guesswork, the research and the time out of finding the right advice. We present information without the jargon or restricting your options. 

There are five good reasons why we do this:

1.  Financial Peace of Mind

Financially refreshed, a sense of pride in feeling fully prepared for whatever challenges the future holds. Endless lists and what ifs are no longer an emotional burden. Hugo Forbes has untangled the web of needs (and wants) and the responsibility is now shared.


2.  Understanding your Financial Status

Hugo Forbes will understand what is coming in and going out, what you are worth and what you owe, what your tax liabilities are and where you are exposed and what the risks could be. This knowledge creates a greater sense of control.


3. Control

Control over your finances as you become financially well organised will provide renewed head space for clear thinking and prioritising that ‘to do’ list is now presented in the Financial Wellness Plan (FWP). What can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing develops into a source of pride and motivation for change and advancement.


4. A Facilitator

Hugo Forbes will invite you to talk things through, we’ll listens to you and help communicate more effectively about money. Whether it be with a spouse, family member or a Professional Expert implementing the financial products that will aid your feeling of control.


5. Knowledge

A trusted source of knowledge and information around financial planning. Hugo Forbes will help you to make the best use of your financial resources. Hugo Forbes will take responsibility to manage the creation, presentation and implementation of a strategy that is driven by your needs and aspirations.